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Zunelicious is a blog that covers Microsoft's new Zune MP3 player, and all the news that goes along with it.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Tired of those glossy, high-quality product shots? Want to see what the Zune is really like? Well don't worry, you don't have to live in Seattle to see the Zune in action. Check out these shots of Zunes out in the wild, being used by real people, and admire those beautiful colors. ( seriously, the colors look amazing, and even brown is starting to grow on me, after seeing these shots )

Even children enjoy the Zune's stylish look.

here we have a nice picture of the black Zune's box and instruction manual ( as if we would need one of those :-) )

Here we have the Black Zune with its blue double-shot finish ( and custom background )

And here is the most debated Zune, the brown with green trim.( showing off some impressive album art )

Another of the Brown Zune, this time in better lighting and with a much cooler background image.

Zune playing video.

Here some marketing guy is freeing the Zune from its wrapper.

Two Zunes playing nice and sharing some songs.

nice shot of the zune standing up. ( bet you an ipod can't do that ;-) )

the money shot... ( don't you think they should send me and charlie two
of those? )

and ofcourse everyone's favorite background, courtesy of Bungie.net.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures, stay tuned next week as we round up all the different Zune videos floating around.


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I'd like to announce that Woody (you might know him from Cesar's blog, or from the Zune community), will be joining Zunelicious as a collaberator!!! I think this is going to make for some very interesting articles, and be a lot of fun, so stay tuned and good luck Woody,

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On10.net has just posted a really great video covering even more of the Zune's UI and features. This video is A LOT more indepth then the last few, and the quality is great. Definately Check this one out, as I learned a lot from the video.

Things I learned from the video:

- Headphones act as the antenna for the FM reciver built into the Zune

- The indent on the back of the Zune acts as a finger rest when the Zune is in the horizontal mode

- Range of the wi-fi has been tested succesfully at 20-40 meters

- Songs transfer in 5-10 seconds (kinda knew this...)

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Zune Wish list

Hey everyone...I set about making a wish list of features that I would love to see integrated into the Zune either via firmware updates or in future versions of the Zune. Tell me what you think of these ideas, their feasibility, and ideas you have been playing around with yourselves.

- Sending Video Via Wi-Fi

This may not sound like a compelling feature, but think about integration with Soapbox and how cool this feature might be capable of becoming. I am an ametuer filmmaker, and love to make movies with my buddies. The capability of sending my content (short movies under 10 minutes compressed at under 100mb for Soapbox)would not only be feasible, but would also encourage the growth of Soapbox and how videos are traded and interacted with.

The only downside I see to this feature would be the amount of time that it takes to send a video. But knowing that the average song takes about 5 seconds on the Zune, then a 100mb movie which is about 30x that size would only take about 2 minutes. Totally do-able. I hope Microsoft can make this happen!

- Live Anywhere Integration

This is going to happen, mark my words. Microsoft likes to build platforms, they built Live Anywhere to tie together all of their online gaming and game profiles across all of your devices (PC, Xbox 360, Smartphones)...so why wouldn't this make it's way to the Zune? It is understandable that Microsoft wants to get music right, but come on...this would be an AMAZING feature! Allowing you to have your Gamercard with you at all times, enabling you to review stats, download games, keep track of friends online, so basically total integration with your gaming. This one is bound to happen, and when it does...Shazam!

- Recording Radio Broadcasts

In all likely hood this probably won't happen, but wouldn't it be nice to be able to record the songs you listen to on the radio? This might not be feasible, but man would it be cool.

- Wi-Max capabilities

Okay...I might be dreaming with this one, but imagine in the future when Wi-Max is adopted, what the Zune will be capable of. You would be in constant integration with all of your digital life and enabling many cool features such as web surfing, streaming of content anywhere, constant updates and feeds, access to e-mail...basically anything you can imagine.

- Streaming Content from your PC

With Media Center you could be able to stream your content to your Zune when you have access to a wireless network, similar to the Slingbox's features. I really want this feature, and think it is completely feasible. Hopefully Microsoft is listening!

Don't forget everyone, I want to hear from you!!!


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