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Zunelicious is a blog that covers Microsoft's new Zune MP3 player, and all the news that goes along with it.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

The Zune and Bitter Sweet

Hey everyone, we all know that Microsoft has been talking about supporting smaller acts with the Zune initative and helping consumers to find new music...but after my interview attempt with The Adored ( who despite being a great band didn't really know much about the Zune or Microsoft helping smaller acts), I was a little put off. However, it looks like I may have been proven wrong. Microsoft very well might be living up to their promises from what I hear from the band Bitter Sweet. In an interview I recently had with them they not only knew what the Zune was, they were able to tell me about Microsoft's commitment to the band and it sounds like Microsoft is really trying to help. So with out further ado...here is the interview with Bitter Sweet.

Okay...what is the story behind Bitter Sweet?

Hmmm..... the story is we met on Craigs list
believe it or not! That's a funny story for another
time but the bottom line is Bitter:Sweet is about
passion. We came together because we both felt an
urgency to write music that we really loved and cared
about. We made this record for ourselves and it's been
an overwhelming and beautiful feeling watching so many
people and opportunities find their way to our sound.

What was it like to be told you were being Pre-Loaded on the Zune?

Were they just "Oh, by the way, 6 million people are going to be

hearing your music on the Zune this holiday"?

6 million?? Wow! I think we're still in shock.
Being on indie label our expectations of reaching a
potential audience of this magnitude seemed impossible
and we certainly couldn't be more excited.

As a smaller band, what is it like to receive this kind of exposure?

It's an amazing opportunity for a band like us!
This is the kind of thing we thought only a major
label could put together so it's quite inspiring to
see a company as big as Microsoft embracing emerging
artists in this way. If we gain even the smallest
percentage of new fans through this kind of exposure
than it was all worth it!

What do you think of the Zune, and how does it compare to the iPod?

Well as soon as they send us one, we will let you
know!! ;-)

It's about time something like this came out for all
of the pc users out there! We think it will do really

I've been hearing a lot about how Microsoft is trying to reach out and help a lot of

smaller acts out there, have they been working with you at all? If so, to what extent?

Do you think this is good for the industry?

They have been very supportive to us! They featured
us in "The Ones to Watch" section at Microsoft Music
when our record first came out, and Kyle Hopkins, at
the indie label division there even helped to get us
into the Bumbershoot festival in Seattle, which
enabled us to play for our biggest audience to date.
He then moved over to The Zune and championed us to
get onto the device. Real people with a passion for
music are working at Microsoft which seems quite
The industry needs more avenues like this to reach
people since radio is so controlled, so we think it's
very important.

And finally no interview would be complete without this question...

When are you coming to Chicago and can you get me some tickets?!?!?!

(sorry...I have to try...it's like a rule when you interview bands)

We have plans to get to the east coast
very soon, we're hoping for early next year.
Touring is really expensive for a band like us so
without sponsorship or tour support we have to take
baby steps to get
ourselves out there. Just as soon as we do however,
you will be the first to know and we will definately
hook you up!

Shana and Kiran

Thanks for the interview! You guys Rock!!!

(If you don't know who Bitter Sweet is you should definately check them out!)


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