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Zunelicious is a blog that covers Microsoft's new Zune MP3 player, and all the news that goes along with it.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Microsoft is about to take over the world...of media that is.

Imagine a world where the Games you play, the Movies and Television you watch, and the music you listen too are all tracked, all integrated, and all connected. Everything playing together nicely, media streaming from one device to another, your Social Circles carried across all your devices.

It sounds pretty cool in a Big Brother-ish way right? Well...this is the future, or, Microsoft's “Connected Entertainment” future. They've had their sights on it for a long time, and while everybody was saying that the iPod was god's gift to man, or something along those lines, the folks up in Redmond have been chugging along on their dream.

Their “Connected Entertainment” has come in the form of Media Center, Xbox 360, Xbox Live, Live Anywhere, and now Zune. Right now all of these products are not used in a “connected” manner, yes the Media Center can stream your junk over to the Xbox 360, but this is just the beginning. No, what I'm talking about is the integration that is constantly growing stronger...

Soon we will have our Gamertags and Zunetags tied together, our friends lists inter-mingled, and our gaming and music profiles combined...it isn't too hard to imagine our Television and Movie tastes incorporated into these profile is it?

From here I see Live Anywhere being expanded into not only a platform for integrating mobile devices into the Xbox Live experience, but using it as a way to connect all Mobile Devices running Windows Mobile and Zune Players into our new “connected entertainment” eco-system.

Okay...so far, we have our Music, Games, and Television/Movie profiles combined with us across all our devices (Vista PC, Xbox 360, Zune, and PDA/Smart Phone). It is at this point that Microsoft has won, if they can get us here...Apple and other Media Distribution methods won't be able to compete. Microsoft will have you locked in, they will control how you view and interact with your media in new ways. You won't change MP3 players if it means that your Movies and TV shows won't play on it, your Tags won't transfer onto it, your friends lists are void, your games are rendered useless, and most importantly your Social Circle is cut off. The same goes for any of the devices...but we really can see how the effects will impact the Zune the most.

This future has been creeping up on us slowly, and will continue to do so. The Zune won't trump the iPod in one foul swoop, but instead will slowly draw away customers and win market share. And in doing so lock in the users in ways that make Apple's iPod+iTunes double whammy seem like nothing. This is why Microsoft is stressing the social aspects of all of their new products, and this is why their competitors should be very scared.


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We all know that Microsoft plans to create a social aspect to their Zune player, but just how exactly do they intend to do that? While Wi-Fi is nice, this alone will not connect people in new ways, but only give people new ways to share music. What will really connect people are Zunetags, stolen from Microsoft's popular Xbox Live service, Zunetags are your profile on the Zune. It tracks everything about your musical tastes and gives other people a summary of what your tastes are like, while also allowing you to track other people's tags and keep up with what your buddies are listening and reccomending.

Don't worry...the above picture is only a terrible attempt at a mock-up, Microsoft has paid designer to make it look preatty...

Anyways, so the reason I'm writing this is because I want to know what your Zunetags are/will be? I'm thinking of a few for myself, but none seem very good...It is going to be a little different from my Gamertag because for some reason I don't think Black Death13 will go over well with the Smooth Jazz crowd at school...so let's hear 'em!
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