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Zunelicious is a blog that covers Microsoft's new Zune MP3 player, and all the news that goes along with it.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Tired of those glossy, high-quality product shots? Want to see what the Zune is really like? Well don't worry, you don't have to live in Seattle to see the Zune in action. Check out these shots of Zunes out in the wild, being used by real people, and admire those beautiful colors. ( seriously, the colors look amazing, and even brown is starting to grow on me, after seeing these shots )

Even children enjoy the Zune's stylish look.

here we have a nice picture of the black Zune's box and instruction manual ( as if we would need one of those :-) )

Here we have the Black Zune with its blue double-shot finish ( and custom background )

And here is the most debated Zune, the brown with green trim.( showing off some impressive album art )

Another of the Brown Zune, this time in better lighting and with a much cooler background image.

Zune playing video.

Here some marketing guy is freeing the Zune from its wrapper.

Two Zunes playing nice and sharing some songs.

nice shot of the zune standing up. ( bet you an ipod can't do that ;-) )

the money shot... ( don't you think they should send me and charlie two
of those? )

and ofcourse everyone's favorite background, courtesy of Bungie.net.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures, stay tuned next week as we round up all the different Zune videos floating around.


posted by zunelicious, 10:59 PM


Thanks Zunelicious. The one with the little boy is a cute shot and a new one to me.

Can you credit your sources for those pics? Thanks!

commented by Blogger Zunerama, 9:09 AM  
well you could just click on the picture to get the link. =)
I didn't want mess urls getting in the way of the post.
commented by Blogger Woody56292, 10:48 AM  
The little boy is mine, playing with my pre-production Zune. It's already survived one drop-by-toddler onto the floor. And thanks, I think he's cute too ;)
commented by Blogger Mike Dodd, 11:30 PM  
read my blog entry regarding Zune at http://developershelf.blogspot.com/2006/10/is-zune-from-ms-latest-buzz-or-just.html
commented by Blogger Rupak Ganguly, 1:08 PM  

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