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Zunelicious is a blog that covers Microsoft's new Zune MP3 player, and all the news that goes along with it.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Image overload...

There seems to be a flood of Zune pics in the last few days. I hope you guys have been enjoying them because here is another helping that just popped up on the interweb over at Gearlive.

Well...I thought you guys might like to see what the top and bottom of the Zune looks like, I know I did.

posted by zunelicious, 4:17 PM


Dear god, what HASN'T microsoft copied from the iPod? If you chrome the bottom half, its an iPod except that its fatter, browner, and missing Apple's patented scroll wheel.
commented by Blogger superbaka, 7:24 PM  
Dear god, can superbaka really be that dumb? The scroll wheel was not apple's original idea, Creative gave them the blueprints for it.
commented by Blogger lpxxfaintxx, 3:24 PM  
Well...Baka does mean stupid in Japanese...

commented by Blogger zunelicious, 3:41 PM  

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