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Zunelicious is a blog that covers Microsoft's new Zune MP3 player, and all the news that goes along with it.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Daily Zune Buzz...

Microsoft finally has milked us hardcore-Zuners for all we're worth and has started advertising their player to the masses. While I was hoping for a little more from the Zune's marketing (dosn't give someone a very good idea about what the hell the Zune is)...it's a start.

Also, there is are some really good ipod/zune size comparisons for all those people that are still worried about the Zune being a bloated brick over at Jake Ludington's site.

Okay...that's all the Zune news for now...check back later for more Zune-goodness.

posted by zunelicious, 3:04 PM


The Zune is HUGE compared to the iPod. Bloated indeed.
commented by Blogger Fawad, 8:12 AM  
Um....you are comparing the 80GB iPod with the 30GB Zune.
Post some pictures with the 30 GB iPod and the differences will be obvious.
commented by Blogger Harsh, 8:19 AM  
Can I use my "Plays for Sure" music with this one?
commented by Blogger harley12345, 8:25 AM  
What is a "hardcore-Zuner"? The thing isn't even out yet!
commented by Blogger the forester, 8:32 AM  
commented by Blogger pyrolyte, 8:39 AM  
"The Zune is HUGE compared to the iPod. Bloated indeed."

You are comedic, young fanboi.
commented by Blogger AyeRoxor, 8:40 AM  
Who knew the Zune looked so horrible?
commented by Blogger LividFiction, 8:42 AM  
It's ok, I mean it doesn't have the "holy crap I need it" factor. We'll have to see how it does this holiday season. Will the average consumer care about, or even be aware of the wi-fi thing?
commented by Blogger Joel Spangler, 8:48 AM  
*sniff*, *sniff* This blog has the distinct smell of a MS shill.
commented by Blogger porcheboi, 8:54 AM  
"You are comedic, young fanboi."

Get over yourself ayeroxor. With comments like that you only make yourself look stupid.
commented by Blogger Johan, 9:03 AM  
It does indeed look like a bloated brick.
commented by Blogger DoorFrame, 9:17 AM  
Some stats have been rattling around in my head:

Profit per iPod: about 20%
Profit per Zune: about -20%

Most profitable iPod:

iPod nano (far beating its big brother)

Favored place to listen to music: home stereo and portable device

Favored place to watch movies:
home system

I think the Zune will appeal to a small band of enthusiasts, but it's smelling more like a mainstream loser every day.
commented by Blogger jragon, 9:35 AM  
I'm not buying a Zune until someone hacks it well enough. I refuse to use a player that will add DRM to public domain files.
commented by Blogger Basil, 9:37 AM  
Does it play video yet? It doesn't?
commented by Blogger Automatt, 10:01 AM  
The bigger screen is nice, I suppose.

How often do I have to reboot it?
commented by Blogger McGroarty, 10:40 AM  
Zen Vision:M anyone?
commented by Blogger Eric, 12:08 PM  
"How often do I have to reboot it?"

Bahahahahaha :)
commented by Blogger Danny, 12:12 PM  
I'm all for competition, but the fact that MS just plain copied the iPod design sickens me. Can they not come up with something just a tad more creative?!?
commented by Blogger william, 12:36 PM  

Yet another attempt by yet another company trying to compete in this space. In twelve months the Zune (and this blog) will long be forgotten.
commented by Blogger Brent Crandall, 1:56 PM  
Yeah, I can imagine the Zune with the big fat [Start] button and the menu that takes up the whole screen.
commented by Blogger Don Vaillancourt, 2:23 PM  
The 30 GB ipod is about 10% THINNER than the 80 GB.

Also, while the Zune screen is .5" larger, it's the EXACT SAME resolution as the ipod ...

No plays4Sure. It's a new WMA DRM.

Like MS' Talking Barney and the MS watches, this thing will be dead by June 2007 - they'll try and call it a portable Vista then ... and then in Feburary 2008 call it a Xbox Companion ... every version will sell exactly 5,000 in Redmond and about the same across the globe ...
commented by Blogger Metro, 2:29 PM  
With such a small screen, will we still be able to read the text on the BSOD?
commented by Blogger chewtoy eleven, 8:13 PM  
That thing is bricked before it is even out of the box...

Would make a trendy doorstop.
commented by Blogger Guy, 12:57 AM  
How can anyone be a "hard core zuner" when the product hasn't been released yet? Nobody loves Microsoft that much. You've obviously been paid to pretend to be a fan of the Zune. I love the smell of astroturf in the morning.
commented by Blogger CMS, 8:50 AM  
My university students in Nanjing China came to me today alarmed about the burning birds. They asked me what it meant. I asked them what they meant. They said "Zune". Now I ask Microsoft - what does it mean? - kind of a baaaad marketing image - appealing to 11 and 12 year olds in the U.S.? allusions of Burning Man? mystifying to many in Microsoft's market around the world.
commented by Blogger cathy, 5:26 AM  
Oh boy! Brown!
A Brown Zune!
It will get lost in a pile of dog shit.
commented by Blogger shermacman, 4:50 PM  
WTF? At the bottom of the post page in the lower left is a rather cryptic message: "Code corrupted. Insert fresh copy." Is this a strange karmic relationship between the blog and the Zune's OS?

I loved the BSOD comment and the one about how often you need to reboot it.

The Zune is the Pontiac Aztek of MP3 players.
commented by Blogger anonymous, 11:13 PM  
commented by Blogger Nitin Verma, 9:58 PM  

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